Myopia Master®

Myopia Management Made Easy

  • Myopia management
  • Combines the important measurement parameters and software
  • Early detection of myopia
  • History-taking and patient education
  • Follow-up and trend analysis
  • Take-home report with action recommendations
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Myopia Management Redefined

Being able to detect myopia at an early stage before it develops is extremely important. In cooperation with the Brien Holden Vision Institute, the values measured are compared with age-related normative data derived from a database of more than 25 000 eyes. This will make it possible in future to estimate how an eye will develop. The earlier a trend is recognized, the more efficiently it can counteracted with appropriate measures.

Progression of myopia

The diagram shows both axial length and refraction (spherical equivalents) of an individual patient’s measurement in an easy-to-understand way. The growth curves support the data interpretation. A traffic light scale indicates the estimated risk of developing myopia.


History-taking and Customer Education
Made Easy with Software

With regard to near work, for example, the software inquires about the duration of and working distance involved in smartphone, tablet and computer use and displays the resulting influence in a graph.

Evaluation-Based Action Recommendations

Categorized action recommendations provide a basis for multiple treatment options. First steps toward success may be achieved through medication or special contact lenses.

Follow-Up Examinations and Trend Analysis

One or multiple treatment strategies can be selected with a simple click. The effects of axial length growth on refraction with or without the selected treatment strategy can be intuitively illustrated in a diagram.


Whatch the Webinar „Myopia Management redefined the beginning of a new era with the Myopia Master®“ by Philip p Hessler, M. Sc


Myopia Master®

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