Pentacam® AXL Wave

The All-in-one tomographer for
cataract surgeons, refractive surgeons
and eye care specialists

  • First device to combine 5 parameters
  • Unrivalled pre-op care for your patients
  • Comprehensive post-op evaluation
  • Initial impression of individual visual performance
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5 Parameters Combined
for the First Time

The next generation is here! The new Pentacam® AXL Wave is the first device to combine Scheimpflug tomography with axial length, total wavefront, refraction and retroillumination. With high-end hardware and software for optimum treatment and satisfied patients, the new Pentacam® AXL Wave makes no compromises on quality!

Scheimplug-based Tomography

Pentacam® technology is the established gold standard, proven over many years. It measures, displays and analyzes the anterior eye segment, and is non-contact and tear-film-independent.

Objective Refraction

The most crucial parameter, based on wavefront aberrometry – pre and post op!

Wavefront Aberrometry of the Entire Eye

Low and high order aberrations of the whole eye are measured using Hartman-Shack technology. Internal and total corneal wavefront aberrometry is also displayed for detailed crystalline lens IOL assessment.

Optical Biometry

Contact-free axial length measurements with proven precision.


For pre-op assessment of crystalline lens opacities and post-op check of IOL position.


Complete Overview

Following the intuitive examination routine, the Pentacam® AXL Wave’s new Overview Display clearly presents the most important parameters at a glance, giving you an initial impression of individual visual performance!


Implemented retroillumination enables a convenient check of the inclination and centration of IOLs, especially toric IOLs. The integrated technology helps to improve outcomes after surgery, if required.

Objective Refraction and Wavefront Aberrometry

Total wavefront aberrometry and objective refraction allow assessment, documentation and presentation of vision quality after cataract or refractive surgery. These quick processes help to facilitate IOL constant optimization.


Watch the Symposium at WOC2020 Virtual® to hear about Dr Auffarth’s and Dr Savini’s experiences.

Watch the Webinar “Pentacam® AXL Wave for refractive cataract surgery” from Prof Kohnen to learn how he implements the device in his clinic in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

You can find even more lectures from experts on the Pentacam® models at the OCULUS Youtube


Pentacam® AXL Wave

WOC Special 2020

PDF (2 MB)


Mini Product Guide

WOC Special 2020

PDF (1 MB)


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